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Sklep z prezentami - Witamy! Gadżety i prezenty dla każdego..

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About us


„” shop was established In 2005. From the very beginning our company imported and sold mobile phone accessories and advertisement gadgets. 

October 2005 has been a turning point for the activities of our company as our new team decided to create a new quality – we were reborn and you can see the result of it at our new 

At present you can buy in our shop unusual gadgets that you will not find in any other outlets.

If you want to buy a baffling and at the same time affordable present we invite you to take a look at our items on 

We try hard to enlarge our offer and add new products to our shop every day. 

All your suggestions regarding our offer are of great value to us. 
If there is something you would like to see in our shop or if you want your product to be on our shelves you are more than welcome to tell us about it.

We invite you to cooperation and trying our offer. 
ul. Gutki 4 
37-400 Nisko 
tel. +48 15 8438794


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Sklep z prezentami dołożył wszelkich starań aby ciekawe gadżety i fajne prezenty były jak najlepszej jakości. Co miesiąc staramy się dodawać nowe upominki do sklepu. Jeśli szukasz coś na prezent, zawsze służymy pomocą.

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